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Wildfarmed flour fixes the planet, because they farm differently. By putting soil health first, and paying farmers properly, they are able to grow tasty, highly nutritious food, in a way that heals the planet. All of their products are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, in a system that prioritises soil health, increasing soil biodiversity and producing nutrient dense food.

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When they started farming 15 years ago, Wildfarmed saw bare fields, soil and nitrates cascading into the rivers when it rains, pesticides and herbicides attacking what remains of soil and insect life. The U.K. has now lost half of its pre-industrial biodiversity and is in the bottom 10% of countries worldwide.

Our thinking was that unless they create a market for farmers that rewards quality rather than quantity - quality of their crops, soils and ecosystems - change will be limited.

Their farming methods, originally developed by Andy, are now being adapted and refined by the growers in our community, allowing arable crops to be grown alongside perennial plants. By including grasses, trees, perennial plants of all kinds back into the “fields of single crops” that cover two thirds of the country, they can make agriculture a solution to our biodiversity and climate crises rather than a contributor.

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Wildfarmed flour is made from a diverse variety of wheat grown alongside a variety of plants, grasses, and legumes. This method of growing provides a nutty, depth of flavour full of nutrition, not available from a single strain, while constantly improving the soil in which they are grown. They only stone mill their grain – grinding all three parts of the grain together into a fragrant, golden flour.