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British growers of micro leaves, microgreens, inspired leaves, sea vegetables, speciality produce and edible flowers.

Taking inspiration from their Dutch heritage, Westlands’ namesake originates from a region in western Netherlands. Now, 80 years after their beginning in the Vale of Evesham, the same principles of personal care and product quality have been passed down from generation to generation. Now, their speciality produce is used in world-class kitchens and bars across the UK.


Delivering the best speciality produce

It’s so important to us that every single product is delivered in the very freshest condition. That’s why, from pick, to pack, to plate, their produce is handled as little as possible and kept cool until it arrives at your kitchen.


Passionate about sustainable growing, looking after our planet and its resources, Westlands are able to grow all year round with the utmost care and attention. Here are four key ways they approach sustainable growing:

• They use automated systems to help keep produce fresher for longer.

• They collect rainwater in a reservoir, which is thoroughly cleaned and used to feed their plants.

• They use recycled fabric offcuts to grow their microleaves in, instead of soil.

• Their standard punnets are made from RPET material, which is the most environmentally friendly material type in the UK.