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Spilmans Asparagus



The Spilman family has been growing asparagus for over 10 years at their family owned farm in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

All of their asparagus is planted by hand in May and cropped two years later. The perfectly sandy soil on their farm, combined with the care with which they plant and harvest the asparagus by hand, is what makes their asparagus stand out from the crowd.

Spilmans Asparagus

Once the asparagus is ready, it is all picked by hand and carried in baskets straight to the packhouse, where it is sorted, cut, and prepared whilst it is fresh. It is then bundled ready for sale the same day, meaning that it is delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours of being picked.

“Because of our trimming, pretty much the whole bundle is edible. It’s a fast turnaround and with Wellocks’ daily collection during the season, the asparagus is in a chef’s kitchen within 24-hours of being picked. That’s why it’s so juicy and delicious,” says Richard.