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We are delighted to have been invited to partner the prestigious Roux Scholarship; an unrivalled programme for young chefs that provides them with opportunities at the highest level within the industry. We pride ourselves on supporting the next generation of chefs, sharing our passion for the finest ingredients and food innovation.

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Established in 1983, Michel Roux founded The Roux Scholarship with his brother Albert to enable a new generation of chefs from Britain to train in the greatest restaurants in the world. Not only has it become the industry’s most acclaimed chef competition in the UK with many scholars having gone on to win Michelin stars themselves, it ranks among the most prestigious competitions for chefs in the world. Since it was established more than three decades ago, it has helped British chefs gain the international recognition they deserve. With many young chefs entering the competition each year, it is true to say thousands have been inspired, and lives changed, by the experience of competing.

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The annual competition takes place each spring. The first stage is to enter an application which includes writing a recipe using ingredients chosen each year by Alain Roux and Michel Roux Jr. From these applications, which are judged blind, 18 chefs are chosen to cook their recipe at the regional finals in Birmingham and London. From these finalists, six are then chosen to cook a classic recipe devised by Alain Roux and Michel Roux Jr that tests the chefs’ skills, creativity and understanding of classic cooking. The winner is announced at an exclusive awards ceremony the evening of the final cook-off.

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The winner receives £6,000 to support their career development, and a further £6,000 if they stay with the current employer for 15 months after winning. They also win a host of fabulous prizes from the sponsors, which includes Wellocks. The star prize, howver, is an invitation to cook and train under the supervision of a leading chef at a prestigious three-star Michelin restaurant anywhere in the world for up to three months. Previous scholars have undertaken this ‘stage’ in restaurants as far afield as Japan and the United States of America, as well as acclaimed restaurants in France, Spain and Belgium. Winners are also gain the lifelong support, advice and friendship of the ‘Roux Scholars’ the previous winners.

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The first Roux Scholar was the late and much-missed Andrew Fairlie, Scotland’s two-star Michelin chef at Gleneagles, who won the competition in 1984 and undertook his stage with Michel Guérard at Les Près d’Eugenie in south-west France. Fellow scholars include chefs Sat Bains, Mark Birchall, Frederick Forster, Steve Drake, André Garrett and Simon Hulstone.

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