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Molyneux Kale Company



Chris Molyneux farms the rich, dark soils of south-west Lancashire, where his family has farmed since the Norman Conquest. Generations of experience have helped make Chris an expert in growing kale – he even admits to an obsession with the stuff!

Their care and knowledge enable them to produce the only all-year round kale in the UK, from green kale and chard, to Italian Cavolo Nero and chicory. As soon as the kale has been cut from the plant, they cool it to retain the moisture content and prevent wilting, drying out or losing its colour or vitamin content.

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Having farmed the fertile south-west Lancashire plain for more than five generations, they know a thing or two about sustainable growing. They understand the importance of producing kale in a way that protects the environment whilst offering high-quality produce. Their year-round cropping means that there is always cover on the fields, and this helps support a wide range of birds, which struggle to survive in some farming methods. They rest, rotate or grow other crops to build the soil structure, farming not just for the next generation, but because it is good for the current crops too.

“I am looking to produce a sustainable soil that is going to last me into the future, so hat I have good cropping going forward” says Chris.