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Pierre Koffmann




Three Michelin-starred chef Pierre Koffmann, known in culinary circles as a founding father of modern British cuisine, has established his fresh and frozen potato range as the UK chef’s number-one go-to brand for potatoes.

Koffmann Chips.png

They source their potatoes from selected growers, the vast majority of them in East Anglia, where they believe has the best climate to produce chipping potatoes. They work closely with the growers to develop varieties, select the best regional soil variations, maintain strict conditioning and precise storage regimes. They have state of the art packing and handling facilities in Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk, enabling them to offer the best tasting and fit-for-purpose products available on any given day across the season.

Pierre Koffmann

“Our growers are all specialists in their field. They have all invested heavily in production to balance the crop’s sugar and starch to create great tasting products. Koffmann-branded potatoes are packed and selected according to usage and taste and we want to make it really simple for our customers, so, for example, the blue bag delivers the best chips and red is for the best mash” says Simon Martin, Founder of The Food Heroes.

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