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The perfect ingredient for premier customer!

James Wellock caught up with chef Tagg at Old Trafford to chat about our relationship.
Teamwork and common goals is the theme in our partnership with Manchester United and chef Tagg.
I always get a tingle when I arrive at the famous Old Trafford Stadium, I've sat in the stands many, many times supporting the mighty reds but over the last 12 months I have been going deeper into the inner sanctum and working with the team who are responsible for several thousand meals each match day!
It was a real eye opener when chef Tagg showed me the infrastructure and systems they have in place to run numerous kitchens on a match day, with varying degrees of menus from buffet service right through to fine dining. Chef Tagg has surrounded himself with a hard working and passionate team, “without whom” he points out, “the whole thing would fall down.”
As I walked around the ground it became apparent that the whole clubs focus is on being the best in every area. He went on to say, "We strive to be the best on and off the pitch, using the best local ingredients is a vital part of reaching that goal". This message is evident throughout the club and you are reminded of the constant reinvestment in the infrastructure as you walk along the corridors, behind the boxes – wow are they plush! I doubt there is a better way to watch football.
The reason I am visiting chef Tagg today is to speak to him about his eagerness to support local growers which has been one of the key reasons why Wellocks have gelled with him as a supplier. Chef Tagg stated, “the reason we are embracing BRC and Red Tractor accreditation is that we want to be seen to be supporting the British market, local produce, the farmers and the local workforce that surrounds it.” 
It's fascinating to see that we have common themes running through our businesses, further to that chef Tagg explains, “It's all about customer service, about the experience of arriving in the car park, where you are greeted and guided into the stadium and then to your box, every attention to detail has been taken care of.
Again, the similarities between our business are very evident, as we have dedicated staff looking after chef Tagg and his team, he said, “Wellocks are sourcing and preparing my orders, bespoke for my needs and delivering at a time specified to a number of delivery points, it takes the pressure off me, knowing that once my order is placed I can focus on other tasks, knowing it will arrive as specified.”
It doesn't stop there, as chef Tagg continues to build a crack team around him, while he was waiting for news of a new arrival he revealed his ambitions. He plans to work with the club to up the ante for meals on match days, not just in numbers of covers served, but by using great local produce and minimising any niggles from customers. Bearing in mind how many covers they serve in a very short time frame.
I spent a great afternoon with chef Tagg, not just looking around a wonderful venue but learning how like minded people can help each other push the boundaries and by working as a team, they can achieve shared goals.
‘The home of the champions on and off the field’.

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